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A popular definition of public relations is the professional maintenance of a favorable image. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines PR as a strategic communication process that builds mutually-beneficial relationships between organizations and the public. In addition to its obvious and central goal of increased profitability and viability, public relations is defined by the degree of understanding and goodwill achieved.


At Diana Daniele Communications, we pride ourselves on spreading goodwill about our clients and delivering a robust return on their investment. Known for our strategic thinking, marketing savvy, media clout, social media expertise and writing talent, Diana Daniele Communications specializes in hospitality, lifestyle, public affairs and non-profit public relations.


Dedicated to building long-term and profitable relationships with its clients, Diana Daniele Communications is known for taking “something” and making it into SOMETHING BIG. We take the initiative to create opportunities where none existed, and execute campaigns that uniquely meet our clients’ goals and needs. With more than a quarter of a century experience in the Public Relations marketplace, Diana Daniele Communications’ signature move is always to deliver. . .