PRESS MATERIALS:  Preparation of a compelling, literate and easy-to-read press kit  for the media is essential to launch a public relations campaign for your company.  Time and energy must be devoted to determine your company’s “story” and its most condensed and powerful “message” – one that will resound with both the marketplace and cyberspace, and pay valuable dividends as your public relations campaign progresses.

MEDIA RELATIONS:  DDC is known for its top-notch contacts in the media world.  High-visibility media placements are our strong suit.  DDC will secure coverage for your company while maintaining sterling relationships with the press. Bloggers, e-zines and important web sites for your company will be included in your personalized media list.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  From food and wine paired vintner dinners, to launch parties to luxury trunk shows; from community outreach events to charity balls, we at DDC put our creativity into it, mix it with our promotional skills and logistical expertise and voila: a marketing event tailor-made to suit you, brand you and sell you.

BRAND MARKETING:  Connecting with your target audience and making a powerful and memorable impression is absolutely essential in today’s crowded marketplace.  DDC’s clients always stand out because we craft and package your message in a crisp, mediable way, and make sure it is heard – and clearly understood.

SOCIAL MEDIA & INTERACTIVE MARKETING:  DDC can work with the client’s in-house team to manage the company’s social media efforts.  Or, DDC can create a social media program from the ground up, and deliver it to the client having incorporated such digital platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest (or whatever else is appropriate)Integrating new media platforms into your overall public relations campaign is vital, because it enables your company to engage your customer through ongoing messages, contests, and other digital communication, which gives you a singular voice with a “story” and a “message” to tell and to be followed.