Why Diana Daniele?

“I had the pleasure of working with Diana Daniele while the Director of Food & Beverage at the legendary, iconic, five-star property The Beverly Hills Hotel.  Because of the history of the Hotel and its special niche in the marketplace, it takes an exceedingly poised, talented and savvy individual to serve as Director of Public Relations.  Diana’s instincts in extending the image of the Hotel were superb.  Diana and I collaborated together on various food and wine events, and her creative mind was a wonder to watch.  Always impeccably coiffed, this elegant, sophisticated lady consistently produced for the Hotel in electronic, print, and new media spotlights.  She also chose wisely as to when to allow the Hotel to be used as a backdrop for a feature film, or to be included in an important, historic documentary.     Diana was at the Hotel when our GM was named Hotelier of the Year, an international honor.  Because Diana had lived in Madrid and spoke fluent Spanish, she was able to “go the extra mile” and place an article in our GM’s hometown paper in San Sebastian, Spain.  Within all the major accolades in the press, that article remained his favorite.  Diana worked long hours, always on-hand for high-profile, red carpet events.  Her interaction with grace and ease with celebrities, titans of industry, and world dignitaries was a delight to watch.  I am enriched by our association.”

Charles Lennox
Director of Food & Beverage,  Beverly Hills Hotel

“Diana is the Perfect Publicist.”

Bill Stadiem
Acclaimed Journalist and Author of Everybody Eats There


“Diana Daniele is a PR Pro that anyone in the media hopes to have on their team because she delivers what she promises and on-demand.  She is creative, thoughtful, and respectful of a deadline.  As a TV Producer with FOX for 16 years, I worked closely with Diana and her clients.  I even referred companies who didn’t have a PR firm to her.  Diana is committed and focused.  She is always striving for the best end result, and doesn’t stop until she achieves it.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to use the media to help grow their business.”

Nicole Prentice Williams
Veteran TV Producer and Media Trainer

“Diana and her then partner Jeff Haskins handled the PR for my new restaurant, Lola’s, in West Hollywood.    With Diana running the PR show, there was not one publication that was left “unturned”; she managed to get us written up in every major magazine.  Subsequently, our popularity sky rocketed, and the restaurant/bar became one of the most successful in Los Angeles.   I would HIGHLY recommend her services.”

Loren Dunsworth
Owner, Lola’s Restaurant & Bar


“I am fortunate to have worked with Diana Daniele for six years.  She was always focused, deliberate and on task.  She took the best things about me and my restaurants and pushed them to brand and tell our story.  She got us written up various times in all of the major Orange County magazines and newspapers, keeping us top of mind. In the summer, Diana would host a Girl’s Night Out (her idea) with the female press and another publicist or two.  A lot of opportunities came from those dinners.  I will never forget being the Chef for Outstanding in the Field and appearing on the national show I grew up watching, CBS This Morning, thanks to Diana.  That same summer, I travelled around the country cooking for KIA cars, and she never let me down.  In every market, the TV cameras would come rolling in.  Diana is someone who believes in her product and what she is doing.  She is extremely loyal.  I would work with her again in a heartbeat.  I would always want her to be on my team.”

Chef/Owner Rich Mead
Sage, Sage on the Coast & Canyon Restaurants


 “Diana Daniele is a mover and a shaker and always in the know.  She did an amazing job keeping The Palm top of mind and in print.  When needed, she was always a fresh set of eyes and go to person for out-of-the-box thinking.  She is an asset to any creative team and a pleasure to work with.”

Randy Goldman
VP of Marketing


 “Amazing Public Relations hit on Monday’s edition of Entertainment Tonight!

…this feature includes stories about Johnny Carson, Elizabeth Taylor and John Travolta. ET characterizes The Palm as ‘The Most Famous Restaurant in the World’ and ‘the eatery that caters to the most famous clientele in the world.’ ET also refers to getting your face on the walls of The Palm as ‘harder than getting a star on the walk of fame.’ …to show we are still ‘The Hot Spot’ ET gives their viewers a sneak peek at the new faces going up—current West Hollywood regulars:   Paris Hilton, Mark Wahlberg, Cristina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias.

A special thank you to our Los Angeles public relations team, Diana Daniele and Jeff Haskins.”

Walter McClure
The Palm, Corporate

“I had the pleasure of working with Diana Daniele for more then five years at my restaurant, Agora Churrascaria.  Diana was always well prepared to create viable promotions for the expected Holiday Dinners for the restaurant, but she also garnered press for us throughout the year from various angles, even business press on me as the CEO!!  We were also on television a lot, serving our specialty meats to the anchors of the KTLA Morning News.  We were also featured on FOX 11’s “Hot List” as well as on their Valentine’s Program.  Diana loved to pitch me on fresh ideas to promote Agora, including a concierge program she created.  She was also an administrator of our Facebook page and helped create ideas for contests and content there. She is an excellent writer, and well spoken as well.  I was pleased to have Diana serve as our spokesperson whenever possible.  I recommend her highly, and with enthusiasm.”

Owner Scott Im
Agora Churrascaria


 “I have known and worked with Diana Daniele in various capacities for almost 20 years, and all I can say is WOW!  Diana is creative, connected, knowledgeable, and always five paces ahead of the curve and the pack.  People who understand the inner workings of PR & Marketing understand that Diana is the crème de le crème of the industry: polite yet persistent; creative and out-of-the-box, yet able to work within a budget; and in this day and age of emoticons and abbreviations, she is a fabulous communicator.  Di is charming and she can pitch like no other – it doesn’t hurt that she started out as a journalist so she approaches the media thinking as they do.  I always look for ways to partner with Diana, and I recommend you do, too!”

June Miller Richards
6 Degrees of June