Known for her strong relationships with elite media, as well as her creative, social media mind and strategic thinking, Ms. Daniele has serviced clients in a wide variety of fields, including the hospitality, fashion/celebrity dressing, entertainment, legal, consumer and non-profit arenas.

Ms Daniele started her public relations career while earning her Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Southern California.  She won a Research Grant to study “How Barbie Speaks Sexually to Children”, and conducted her research at USC’s Institute for the Study of Women and Men (ISWM).  After finishing her research and being interviewed by national and international media outlets about her findings, Ms Daniele was asked to stay on to write press releases and the ISWM newsletter.

Two years later, Ms Daniele became Director of Public Affairs for the Center for Enforcement of Family Support (CEFS).  She marketed the attorneys there as Robin Hood Lawyers: We Take from the Dads and Give to Their Kids.  After taking advantage of Mother’s and Father’s Day to talk about the issue of Family Support (and how fathers who don’t pay support end up not spending time with their children), Ms. Daniele submitted a letter to “Dear Abby”, written in the voice of a frustrated son who misses his Dad.  “Dear Abby” ran the letter, and the Legal Center was inundated with calls and new cases.  A Los Angeles Times reporter, who had read Dear Abby, called Ms. Daniele with some questions.  She wrote a profile on the Center’s Senior Partner, aka Robin Hood,  and CEFS grew and expanded offices.

After seeing the Power of PR with her own eyes and by her own hand, Ms Daniele decided to try agency life at Josh Baran & Associates.  This high-profile public affairs firm was bought out by Edelman Worldwide, giving Ms Daniele the opportunity to work for one of the top PR agencies in the world, with offices all over the globe.With her eyes set on globe-trotting herself, Ms. Daniele left Edelman a few years later, having won a Rotary scholarship to live and study in Spain. While there, she landed a job at the U.S. Embassy’s Centro Cultural de España, doing diplomatic public relations for the U.S.A.

Upon returning to the States, Ms Daniele signed with Joan Luther & Associates in Beverly Hills.  When Joan closed her office, Ms Daniele and another Joan Luther publicist, Jeff Haskins, created their own firm, leasing offices in the same building.  Hennessey Group, named for the cognac, was born.  Hennessey Group was a Beverly Hills-based PR firm that specialized in the hospitality, fashion and non-profit arenas.

Five years later, the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel came calling. Ms. Daniele sold her interest in Hennessey Group to her partner, and moved in-house, as the Director of Public Relations at the BHH.  Eventually, she missed the flexibility of her own business, and arranged to start Diana Daniele Communications, and the Beverly Hills Hotel became her first client.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Ms. Daniele has also completed coursework in English Literature at Cambridge University, England. A native Californian, she earned her Masters in Journalism at the Annenberg School of Communications & Journalism at USC, and her bilingual certificate from the University of Madrid, Complutense. A published author, Ms Daniele has also served as a spokesperson for various clients, appearing on TV and other media on their behalf.